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Year 7 and 8 challenge

Stage 1
Think about something topical that you have enjoyed reading (it could be anything from a newspaper, magazine, book – fiction or non-fiction or on the internet).
Once you have identified your text, explain what you have discovered that:
(a) You did not know;
(b) You thought would be interesting to your friends, and;
(c) Would be valuable for society at large (parents, teachers, employers, politicians, etc.) to be aware of and why?

Stage 2 (to write 500 words of text on your chosen topic)
Your writing must be 500 words in length and submitted to Ms Spence by Wednesday 28th March. You could use the structure given above or your own structure. The entries will then be shortlisted to 8 students, who will join Ms Spence for a Seminar lunch to discuss their entry.

The Winning Entry

RWS500 Winning Entry Clay Watson
RWS500 Winning Entry Clay Watson Recording