What We Teach - KS3

RWSCurriculum Transparent

Our curriculum maps in KS3 have been carefully designed. They represent the powerful knowledge that we believe all RWS students should benefit from knowing. We also believe that teaching and learning in KS3 should be full of 'awe and wonder' - one of key curriculum values.

In addition to the array of subjects shown below, all Year 7 students (from 2019/20) will also study 'Epics and Oracy' - an innovative new KS3 subject which is designed to ignite students' imaginations and their ability to speak with confidence. Our focus on reading is being further embedded through the creation of a bespoke 'RWS Anthology' which details some of the powerful prose that we believe is every students' entitlement to know.

To find out about our curriculum provision in KS3, please review each subject's curriculum map on the links below. [These documents will be added in July 2019].