Please find a link below to our new Careers Bulletin which will be published monthly and made available to all students. In each edition there will be a range of information and links to up to date careers, apprenticeship and next steps opportunities. Although primarily targeted towards Sixth Form students, we would encourage Year 11 students to read through the bulletin; there will be useful opportunities, links and contacts.

We would also like to remind you of our email facility should you have any questions: . All students can email the Careers Department if they require advice and guidance or to organise a careers appointment.

We are also excited at the development of our new Careers Department within the Learning Commons. Students now have access to a wide range of resources, reading materials and up to date notices.

Careers at RWS

Experience has shown that people who have achieved success and fulfilment in their career, are those who have positively 'owned' their career path at an early stage and have made it happen.

The Careers Department's aims and associated programme of activities is geared to supporting, encouraging and guiding our young people into assuming personal responsibility for their future i.e. Owning their career.

Pupils are encouraged to:

The Department delivers a comprehensive programme of activities, which includes presentations by representatives from successful companies, and is fully supported an extensive careers library, CBT assessment software and CBT tutorials, together with on-demand counselling and guidance from the Departmental staff.

For CV writing information, please click on the links below:

Example Curriculum Vitae

How to Write a CV


Transferable Skills Checklist

CV Writing Information from Bromley Careers

Useful Links:

The Apprenticeship Guide

STEM Careers:

Information regarding career opportunities for those studying STEM subjects can be found on our STEM website.

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