Continuing Professional Development at Ravens Wood

Coaching One to One

Facilitated Department Session

 Facilitated Department Sessions

CPD Learning Walks

Joint Lesson Planning

Marking and Assessment Hub

Breakfast Club and BFL Clinics

Breakfast Club Border 2

“Going to breakfast club means I can reflect on what I am doing in my lessons compared to people in other departments, try new things and be reminded of good practice."

Miss T Davis

“I get to reflect on my own practice once a week, I have created brilliant working relationships with members of staff outside of my department and it provides all in attendance with the option of sharing ideas, making us all better practitioners.”

Miss M McKenzie

“The BFL clinic really has helped in my lessons by giving me new ideas to try out which work for other staff members. In particular, the wheel of destiny is now a must in my classrooms at the end of the week.”

Mr J Hamilton

“The BFL clinic has been a great source of support and guidance through-out the year, there is a real feel of camaraderie and shared experience.”

Mr N Griffiths

Structured Guidance One to One

This is a form of one to one high level guidance in the style of mentoring

It can run for a series of 2 / 4 / 6 weeks and is bespoke to the needs of the practitioner

One to one guidance is one method of CPD used to support practitioners with essential areas for development